Everyday I drive by this dog on my road that stays in this run down kennel day in and out. I swear today hit me hard. I honestly don't know how he does it he looks at the world everyday the same way, staring at a square fence he had the unlucky draw of life. Today I wanted to just stop my truck and go tell this owner what I really think of him. I had went home for lunch today, I wanted Denver (my) doberman to get outside for thirty mins and run around play and enjoy all this beautiful weather, I walked him to creek, where he played in the water and laid in the grass so the sun could shine on him for a few moments, that is until Denver spotted a deer and he had to try and catch it. After leaving I rode by this dog once again looking out his pin maybe day dreaming about what it would feel like to run and lay in nice green grass. One day some how the owner will pay for treating such an animal this way. I have this thing called karma and it always finds a way to get you may take a while but it will get you. This planet has a lot to be afraid of but what we all should be afraid of sometimes is what we share this planet with humans.