Family yearbooks are one of my favorite projects as a mother and as you can see I have been doing them for a LONG time! We have our family yearbook then I do a separate if we have a family session or birthday photos I do a photo book for each of those. So our collections is growing. Hope the kids keep them all together as I grow old and pass away one day that they will cherish all my hard work and get together and look over them laugh, cry, smile as they reminisce on the days that have passed.  I have a weekly system I stick to being I have 4 kids and all in sports and other activities. It's easier to just keep it all on a system this way I don't forget. When I was a small child all the way up to adult really I would go to my grandmother ( Granny Morgan ) the one that taught me film she had albums for each grandchild and per family it was so nice to sit with her and we would pull those albums out and look through good times, hard times all the in between days. She loved pictures she would take them with her places it was too sweet to see how much she would light up to show you her albums and this stuck with me and now I do it. I am sadden that when she passed away the albums got taken and handled in a way that should not have been they got separated and tossed right in the trash by some, such a heart break. These albums are such a big part of me I hope that they remain in the family and get passed down for years & years! For many generations to look and see all the things we have done, all the love we have shared for each other. 


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